Engage your organization

Our mobile applications makes it easy to keep your community connected with the latest news feeds, announcements, blog posts, podcasts, events and sermons. With our mobile application framework, we can create and customize your application to integrate with existing rss feeds, social media broadcasts, blog posts, and cms platforms to reduce administrative overhead and allow for a “publish once, distribute everywhere” approach.

Build your app

Our team will work with you to identify your needs and preferences in order to create a mobile app that works with your organization and for your community. We can work closely with your media, technology, design, and leadership teams or you can outsource most of the work to us – whichever option makes the most sense.

Push Notifications

Our Push notifications module allows you to broadcast messages to your users’ devices. These messages aren’t the same as traditional text messages, and users opt into receiving these when they download and install your app.┬áSome common uses of this feature are app or brand-related announcements, letting users know about app/feature updates, or any other messages that would apply to your user-base.