Mobile Text

Your audience is already hooked on mobile. Take advantage of its ever-growing popularity and communicate with your audience instantly! Connect with your customers in exciting ways with the most direct and pervasive form of communication. And with an array of powerful mobile marketing features, you can keep your audience engaged and turn them into lifelong customers.

Picture & Video Messaging (MMS)

Sometimes, you can’t always say what you want with just text. Don’t just tell your customers about your latest products or services; show them with meaningful pictures or video clips. Take advantage of MMS and bring your messages to life.

Social Media

There is no better medium when it comes to word-of-mouth marketing than social media. Consumers look for businesses and organizations on social networks, so it’s important to build an online presence and boost visibility for your brand or organization. You can post to Facebook and Twitter simultaneously, schedule posts in advance, and attract new fans with exciting social media marketing tools like Facebook Like-gating.

Multi-channel Coupons

Who doesn’t like discounts? With multi-channel coupons, you can send coupons directly to your customers’ mobile phones, or offer them straight from your Facebook Page. You can even Like-gate Facebook Coupons to entice customers to Like your Page before getting access to the coupon. Your customers will love getting these deals and you can enjoy increased traffic and a boost in sales.

Multi-channel Voting

Receiving customer feedback is extremely important for any business or organization. Learn more about your customers’ favorites, see how you can improve your business, or just have some fun with the multi-channel voting feature. You can get instant responses via mobile, hold a poll on Facebook, or do both! Engage your audience and see what they have to say.

Voice Broadcast

Personalized voice messaging delivers announcements and alerts in a more familiar manner. With Voice Broadcast, you can send pre-recorded messages to a single contact or to an entire distribution list. This feature is perfect for a wide variety of applications like event invitations, promotions, announcements, urgent alerts, and more!

Mobile Keyword

Mobile Keywords are one of the most versatile tools in mobile marketing. Keywords give you the ability to run creative campaigns that are bound to capture your audience’s attention. Subscribers can text in a keyword to a 5-digit short code to immediately receive product information, promotions, enter mobile giveaway campaigns, and tons more! Best of all, you automatically collect their mobile numbers at the same time.

QR Codes

These dynamic barcodes make it easy to promote your business or organization in a number of ways. Your audience can instantly connect with you with one easy scan. Make your latest news, coupons, or website accessible to anyone, anywhere. In addition to delivering on-demand information, you can use QR Codes as another avenue to collect contact information!

Mobile Text Reminders

Missed appointments and reservations mean lost revenue. Prevent no-shows by sending SMS texts, reminding them of their upcoming appointments. You can even schedule these reminders in advance or even import a spreadsheet file of reminders to save you time and energy. This feature is perfect for all types of businesses, from restaurants to medical practices and beyond.


Liven up your events with this interactive mobile feature. People can text shout-outs and general comments to a live display screen for all to see. Text-to-Screen is a sure crowd-pleaser, adding a fun and memorable twist to any event. Text-to-Screen is flexible enough to apply in conference settings, clubs, classrooms, and more!